Trip #8 – Christmas

Ok so I know it’s not christmas yet, or even close. But if we’re going chronologically this just happens to be the next one up. So brace yourself for a gallery full of light pictures and not much else. There’s some pictures of party/pub games I played during one family visit, and a single bauble. But other than that, lights and lots of them. All I can hope is I don’t get cursed for being too christmassy outside of christmas though.

Now these pictures aren’t my best, or even close to it. But I like the atmosphere they give off, and when mixed in with a bunch of other pictures, rather than in a gallery like this, they look far better. I just love the way the lights look, and even the the ones without colour give off a really vibrant shot. Plus it gives you a chance to perfect that bokeh style of light circles, which I hadn’t tried so much before. Just a little step on my progression to different shots. Maybe some will appeal to some of you!

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