Trip #6 – Queen Mary’s Gardens

Finally an album of pictures not from visiting my family! Late October in 2015 I went to Regents park, for no reason other than it was a nice day and maybe there’d be something to point my camera at. After a little bit of a walk, I stumbled upon Queen Mary’s gardens, a circle filled with flowers slap bang in the middle of the park. And that’s where I spent the next couple of hours, taking pictures of everything that I could find that looked good. There was a lot, so this post is pretty big.

To be honest I was about a month or so late. Things had started to die away, which is probably evident from a lot of the photos. But at the same time, the sun was coming down to add some brilliant colour to what was already there. I will say it’s some of the most fun I’ve had with my camera to date. And a lot of these pictures remain my best to date as well, which says something about the subjects. Or my abilities, but either way these are not too bad.



The biggest and perhaps best part of the garden is the extensive collection of roses. The garden holds around 85 varieties, totalling up to 12000 individual roses. Hence the mass amount in the photos. It was incredibly easy to find new angles, new colours and completely new shots of a flower I’d previously considered quite simple.

Ignoring the rest would also be a bit of an injustice. The place is littered with colour from the fire red to the pool of blues and purples. I know I’m starting to sound like some sort of advert, but it’s a genuinely beautiful place. Every shot in these two galleries is taken from solely from that garden. Plus I got a picture of a wasp crashing, what more can you want.



Naturally, I didn’t spend the entire time in a single park, so here’s a little view from before/after. The majority of these are taken inside Regents Park on the way to the rose garden. The park itself has a pretty section on the south side, complete with fountains and flower beds. From Regent’s Park, I took a short detour to Primrose hill to view the sunset although that resulted in no good photos I’m afraid. From there it was a stroll past the London Eye in order to capture it at night. If you’ve never been, it’s actually more impressive at when it’s lit up. And the view from inside is also far better at night if you ever get the chance.


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