Trip #1 – Sky Garden

Back in 2015 I graduated from university (A surprise I know), and one of the gifts I got for that was a Nikon D3300 camera. My only venture into photography before that was a few arty shots on my iPhone, never anything with what I’d call a “proper” camera, so this was pretty damn major for me.

The first place I ever went to take photos was the Sky Garden. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a bar/garden area set 155m/500ft up in the centre of London. It’s free to enter, although you do have to reserve a place in advance, so if you haven’t been I truly recommend it. The view in the picture above is what you can see on an absolutely miserable day, so on the rare sunny day in London I’m certain it’s spectacular.

Anyway these are 8 of the better shots I took that day. They’re not perfect, I was just learning what the camera could do. Just be thankful there’s only 2 tilt shifts, because there were a hell of a lot more than that…




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