Where have you been?

It’s been two month’s, pretty much exactly, since I last posted anything here. Some of you may be wondering where I’ve gone, so I figured I would give a little overview on why I’ve not posted for two months. There are actual reasons, not just laziness, I promise. Ok a little laziness, but I mean, we’re all allowed that sometimes right? Anyway, here’s what’s gone on:



Well, this one isn’t exactly a major surprise. When I first started writing, things in my job were… quieter. That’s not to say I was using work time to write, but it’s easier to come home and write when you aren’t shattered from wall to wall projects. I’ve needed to do extra travelling to meet work commitments, which has swallowed a lot of my evenings completely. I’m hoping the busiest part is over, so I’ll actually have some motivation to write.

I also had a two week stay in German for work which falls under this. Now to be fair, I actually managed to write my last Football Manager blog post whilst I was out there. So it’s not the perfect excuse all things considered. But coming off of that I felt pretty shattered and had no time whatsoever to set up the next “What if” which resulted in a long delay.

As I say, it looks like things might have died down a bit now, at least slightly. I’ve been able to spend extra time writing up a backlog of posts, so I can keep up if it gets hectic again.



She’s probably reading this so I better be careful what I say (I love you, you don’t steal my time honest). The short version is, she has moved from Germany to England. The long version is: she’s moved from Germany to England and it was hectic. I don’t know how many of you have tried to move country, but working out the logistics of getting all her things on a plane in several trips is crazy. Add to that trying to work out the logistics of what she’ll do here, where she’ll stay and all that, and it’s busy. Very, very busy.

So for the foreseeable future, she’s over here with me. Which I am excited about. She doesn’t live with me (yet), but we spend every weekend together. This takes a hit on how much time I can slob in front of a website. Obviously, I’m very ok with this, so don’t take it the wrong way. She does spend time working on her own website, so we can still commit to posting whilst we’re together. So to summarise: we spend more time together, which I’m happy about, but means less computer.


Lack of creativity

I’m not going to pretend my posts are works of art. I mean my photography posts are “just throw some images in a gallery”, it’s an easy job. My “What if” posts do take a lot of setup, and a lot of working out what to do, what’s the goal and how to execute it. I’m not keen on putting something out that isn’t is up to a good standard. So if it’s not I’d rather scrap it all and start again. This happened three times with three separate Football Manager experiments. Each one took about two weeks of effort before I decided it wasn’t good enough. That’s 1.5 months gone.

To make it worse, this sort of spirals. With each failed test, the motivation to try something else falls even lower. It gets harder and harder to come up with an idea that you think will actually interest people. I ended up cutting loads of ideas at the conception phase because of it. To fix it, I had to take a couple of steps back. Remove any complex ideas and come up with something simple, that works. It’s ended up being one of the most interesting experiments I’ve tried, and I hope that’ll come across in the writing.



Ok, I’m going to put at least a part of the problem down to this. It’s a bit of a compound thing, where once I was behind I figured an extra week to sort thing’s out wouldn’t be a problem. Before you know it you haven’t posted in two months and everyone (no-one) is wondering where you’ve gone.

Luckily this is solvable. Whilst I’ve done a poor job of it thus far, I’m hoping this post alone means I’m on my way to fixing that. Feel free to give me a kick up the ass if you ever notice this happening with me. I’m not sure how you would, but at least I’ve offered.


So what WILL be happening?

To start, this post should show that things are back on track. As I’ve mentioned before, the photography posts are super easy to put together, so I’ve scheduled some of those for the next few weeks. That should mean at least one post a week on the website, as long as I keep ahead of the game.

In the gaming section (by far the most popular section), there’s a Football Manager what if that is almost ready to go. I’m planning the usual Tuesday or Wednesday release, so expect to see that then. After that, I’ve got another few ideas lined up, including a Pokemon based “What If” and a Formula 1 based “What If”. My plan was always to branch that series out from just Football Manager related stories, so I’m quite excited to see how these work out.

But for now, that’s it. There are other ideas in the works, including more personal and gaming stuff. But I’d rather not lock myself into these before I sort out if they’re actually good. I hope this explained a little bit why I’ve been so quiet, and maybe one person found it interesting.

Until the next post, bye.


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