A website huh?


I’ve always been planning to make a website of some sort. What truly kicked it into gear was seeing someone close to me do something similar for themselves, and me thinking how great it looked to be setting something up that was truly yours. Being proud of creating something that you own… Ok lets not get into the mushy elements too much.

Basically, I want to display my interests and I’ve decided this is the place to do it.



The plan is to break things down into 4 sections. If things plan out the way they’re supposed to with this, then the 4 sections will make sense, trust me. But essentially it’ll be:

  • Gaming
  • Tech
  • Photography
  • Personal

I’ve always considered trying to focus on just one, but anyone who knows me knows I like to spread myself thin. So that’s what you’re getting, a thin layer of me spread over my few main interests.

Und manchmal, werde ich auf Deutsch schreiben. Ich habe einige Ideen zu schreiben, aber ich werde sp├Ąter entscheiden.

If you’re English, basically that said I will sometimes write in German. I have a few ideas what to write about, but I will decide later. But don’t worry, if there’s a post in German I’ll try and post an English version after!



Well me of course. If you don’t know me then there might be an about me section which might be up to date. Although no promises.



That I’m not sure of. I’d love to post once on each topic a week, but that may be a lot for my poor attention span. Hopefully at least one post total a week.



WordPress. I think it makes itself pretty obvious.



Well now you’re just being silly.

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