The Best Fictional Layouts in GP4

I’m a huge fan of fictional tracks, there’s a sense of exploration and challenge to learn something completely new that you don’t get with a track you’ve driven millions of times before. Over time the GP4 Community has come up with quite a few fictional tracks, and I’d like to think I’ve driven them all at least once. Some are… not so great, but there are plenty that are pieces of art. I wanted to share with you some of the best tracks that I’ve come across in my time. Now this is a focus on the layout, so it could be the prettiest thing in the world, but if it’s an oval it won’t make the list. These are the ones that could be wearing a bin bag and still be great fun to drive. Lets just get on to the list:


Mini Nordschleife

by drt01, jcaranti (Download)

There’s a reason so many love the Nordschleife, and that’s for the challenge and excitement it provides. Grand Prix 4 can’t handle the whole ring, so instead we have the Mini version. And it delivers the exact same feel. Whilst several corners are definitely taken from the real life version, both past and present, they are chosen and linked together perfectly. Each lap feels like an experience, a real objective to take on and nail each corner. It’s honestly one of the best tracks I have come across, both real and fictional.

The up and downs, as well as the woodland feel, of the actual Nordschleife



by Gildoorf (Download)

A track that can keep a very high speed flow whilst also providing chances for overtaking is a real rarity. And that is exactly what Piranema is. The track just feels very smooth to drive, with the fast right-left chicane towards the end capping off what the circuit is about. It helps it’s incredibly well made, but the layout itself makes this track what it is. And despite the theme of this track being very green (a colour I can hate), the track does carry a theme and identity that sticks with you once you’ve spent a little time with it.

If the rise to the first corner looks familiar, this track definitely looks a bit like the old A1-Ring.


Rolling Hills

by Robert Lowdon (Download)

Whilst a lot of tracks string corners together well, what a lot fail to do is make the elevation interesting. It makes the world of difference whether an apex falls away from you, or whether it has a blind entrance, or a steep climb. Rolling Hills does this incredibly well, an incredible mix of height change, corner style and racing elements. You won’t get the lap right first time round, purely because you’ll have no idea where all the apexes are.

Yes that is a decline, followed by a massive incline in the background. This track is a rollercoaster.



by Klausfeldmann, Gildoorf (Download)

Often fictional tracks have a way of not feeling “real”. I mean obviously they’re not, but they just don’t feel like something that could ever be made. Uqbar is probably the best example of the complete opposite. The layout is such a finished article, and the way it’s constructed has a true consideration of what realistically would and wouldn’t work. To add to that the corners just feel good to drive. The first sector especially flows very nicely throughout all the technical corners, before leading into two much quicker sectors. The whole thing is very very well made.

There’s something very Sepang-esque in the feel of this track, perhaps why it has that real feel to it.


Urbano Ficticio

by txema (Download)

I am not a fan of driving city circuits, at all. I avoid Monaco at all costs for that reason. So to find a city track that I actually enjoy is pretty surprising, but that’s exactly how I feel about Urbano Fictitio. What it does so well is providing the perfect mix of fast sections that send you wall to wall, and slow sections that aren’t slow for the sake of being so. It feels rewarding to drive, and no corner feels like a pain to get through. Naturally as a city circuit it’s punishing, but not frustratingly so, which is exceptionally rare for circuits like this.

Even the outside of Urbano Ficticio is as bright and interesting as the layout itself.



by paranoik0 (Download)

A very long track, something which allows it to demonstrate pretty much every type of section you’re going to want to see. Tight sections, decreasing radius sections, increasing radius sections, hairpins, fast right-lefts. It’s probably got everything, and despite being jam packed full of corners, still allows for a race craft and a flow that doesn’t always come with such large circuits. The two hairpins are a little awkward, and perhaps the track lacks a little character, but for such an unknown quantity (I think at least), it’s a very good design.

Not only do you get to rush around a great layout, you also get delightful Madeira houses in the background. Lovely.



by Zeppelin101 (Download)

One you get over the name, you’ll realise this is an incredibly made track. Whilst the visuals are stunning, with some real attention to detail, the track layout itself lives up to the look. Some fast long corners, tight sections, a hairpin, a chicane, it has everything. What lets it down a little is the style of racing this leads to. Almost all the action happens on the main straight, and any other moves tend to lead to disaster, in a potentially big way.

The impressive suspension bridge in the background, in the middle of one of the many long sweeping corners.



by F1Virtual, Turbo Lover (Download)

A very short but rapid track, this track raises similar compliments to Pasargada. Despite the lack of any massive straights, overtaking is almost never a problem, and the track retains a sense of rhythm throughout. The track genuinely has no really slow corners, with every one built to maintain at least some speed as you wind your way up and down the circuit. My only real complaint is that it’s perhaps a little forgettable. It’s a very strong layout, don’t get me wrong, but there are no real moments that give me a “wow” when I fly through them.

Just in case you forget where you are… still it looks good.



by Gildoorf (Download)

What will originally reel you in is the colourful decor, but what will keep you around is the speed and race craft that this circuit creates. Chances to overtake come thick and fast, and they do so without resorting to the classic combination of long straights and tight corners. Of course this also lends itself to a fun drive, which Pasargada no doubt is. Probably the biggest letdown is the hairpin near the end, not because it’s a hairpin, but because it creates absolute carnage whenever cars try and overtake there.

The hairpin of death, accompanied by the traditional bright red gravel trap.



by ASWinner (Download)

Whilst I personally think the strength of this track comes in its visual design and creative elements, the layout is still one that will keep you interested. It’s incredibly rapid, almost flat out middle sector is probably my favourite, but the rest of the corners provide a good compliment of overtaking spots and slow variance. The only reason it’s so far down the order is because I don’t think it brings many new character to the table that isn’t found better elsewhere. At least in the layout department, in terms of visuals this track is one of a kind without a doubt.

Part of X-Lap’s uniqueness is the start/finish line and pitlane all being in a tunnel. This track has a lot of tunnels.


Special Mentions

Tahitiby salvasirignano (Download) – The layout is an F1 car. Literally, look at the track map. Alongside the sheer vibrancy of the setting, this track has creativity in spades. The racing may be a little chaotic sometimes, but in terms of being unique, it’s definitely worth a look.

Ecuador by salvasirignano (Download) – This one is one of my favourites, because I love long circuits and this is one of the longest available. Whilst the scenery maybe not complete, the layout has a challenge to it that can’t be found elsewhere. It does have a hairpin that causes pileups and queues, but it is still a look of fun to drive.

Laputa by GP44, hasbriale (Download) – Set in the castle in the sky, this track has more unique elements than a whole F1 calendar. Unfortunately not all of those elements are fun to drive, as there’s only so much you want to slow speed wind up a tower. Genuinely one of the most unique tracks I’ve seen, and the racing it provides isn’t bad.



There are plenty of tracks that I’ve missed off this list that I also think are very very good; CPE, Q-Ring, Miami, and it’s says good things about the community that I had to whittle it down. The quality of fictional tracks is incredible, so hopefully I’ve shown a few people tracks they’ve never used before.

Are there any I’ve missed? Do let me know if you think a certain track should be up there, although I’ve tried to include everything from my database. And if you’re worried a really stunning project missed out, I am planning to do an overview of best looking projects, so don’t fear. Comments and feedback always welcome!

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